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"We empower people to be the change towards a more sustainable future" - is exactly what we're aiming for. Of course, it won't happen overnight. That's why we need people like you.



Teamspirit: ever(y)drop counts
Team workouts & yoga
Numerous team events
Flexible and mobile working
Monthy 30 euros' worth of everdrop products
Family & Friends discount
30 days paid vacation
+ 24.12 & 30.12 off
Wonderful office, surrounded by nature



Our values are our guard rails. They show how we are in our everyday work, how we work with each other, and how we want to treat our customers, our environment, and ourselves.



Do you already want to see who we are? You can get a first impression right here!

People & Culture

Our colleagues, company culture and values are everything to us!
We are responsible for the entire employee lifecycle, from employer branding, recruiting, and the onboarding process, to employee development - always with a focus on our common goal: sustainability in dealing with our environment and with every person who works at everdrop.

Sales & Account Management

We take our products to places where our online shop cannot go: e.g. supermarkets, drugstores, office kitchens, and hotels, so that they too can clean and wash sustainably, with a glimpse into a better future for all of us.
We don't just care about selling - we want to convince. We want to inspire people by what we do and how we do it. Our goal is to make our partners part of our mission.


Because they are the heart of the company, we have to make them really, really good: our products. We are responsible for making every single product a brand ambassador: everdrop makes sustainable living fun, easy, and beautiful!

Supply Chain

There would be no products without us! Because we make sure that developed products become physical products - even when wrapped in packaging. And that's not all: We also make it possible for our products to get where they are supposed to go: Into this world's households and interiors. We're like everdrop's clockwork: precision at the highest level, all in the spirit of our mission!

Performance Marketing

What good is the best advertising if it doesn't reach anyone? We are the ones who work daily to get our products and our mission out there, e.g. via social media channels. Our goal is not simply to sell products - we want to turn an entire market around.
To achieve this, we tirelessly test, analyse, and optimise our paid social channels in a data- and KPI-driven manner. Because without visibility, there is no change.

Influencer Marketing

As brand ambassadors, relentless critics, and mouthpieces of an entire generation, it's hard to imagine life without them: Influencers!
They have been with us since the first day of our everdrop journey. We have grown with them and thanks to their great stories about our products.
The Influencer Marketing team not only looks for and finds the best cooperation partners, but also builds a close and trusting business relationship. We are also jointly responsible for presenting our products within the influencer cosmos.


We are the "Happiness oil" of the everdrop engine! Whether it's employment contracts, personnel law issues, concepts for our benefits, furnishing and maintaining our fantastic office, or organising legendary team events: we're only happy when things are running smoothly. As the good souls of the company, we daily give our everything so that our great employees feel comfortable and so we can give our everything together.

Creative Content

We give everdrop a face! Photos, videos, animations, in the right colours, in the most beautiful light and yet honest and authentic - that is the language of the Creative Content Team at everdrop. We create images and scenes that tell what we and our products stand for. As an in-house agency, our ideas are in daily demand - a dream for every creative mind that wants to contribute its input to a better future.

Digital Product & Tech

What does Digital Product & Tech do in a physical product start-up? We make our colleagues and our customers happy, of course! We constantly develop our online shop, improve its usability almost daily, take care of the entire tool landscape, provide the team with everything their technical hearts could desire and are always on hand when technical problems arise. Our data analysts/engineers have sovereignty over our data warehouse. They provide all teams and departments with valuable reports, evaluations, and insights for our sustainability mission.

Customer Support

Our focus is on the most important thing we have at everdrop and without which our mission would be doomed to failure: our customers!
From everyday questions about detergent dosing or regarding our ingredients, to questions about deliveries or general feedback, we are always there for our customers, to achieve our goal together: A satisfied and sustainable community that helps us make the world a little cleaner!


We make sure that everdrop speaks a clear and consistent language across all departments. Through press work and our own editorial content, we guarantee that the public really gets what the company, the founders, and the employees stand for - and that our products help people make their everyday lives more sustainable.


Finance and sustainability don't mix? On the contrary. Our daily task as a finance team is to support all our colleagues with figures, data, and facts so that they can make the right decisions according to the "everdrop vision". Our focus as a finance team is to act dynamically, pragmatically, and innovatively. In doing so, we positively influence the course of the company and prove that a digital finance department can make a difference in favour of sustainability and the environment.


 recruiting process

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at everdrop

We receive your application

Second interview including case presentation

You decide on everdrop

First interview & getting to know each other

Culture Check - getting to know each other's backgrounds

We decide on you



we look forward

to meeting you

Juschka von Anhalt
Head of People & Culture
Laureen Naemi Stooß
Talent Acquisition Manager
Denise Grant
Talent Acquisition Manager

Your Questions

our Answers

What makes working for you so special?

What is special about our company? The fruit basket and the foosball table! Just kidding. No, what makes everdrop special is that you invest every minute of your working time in a sustainable future. That despite the rapid growth, there is a respectful, attentive working atmosphere and a unique team spirit. Each employee enjoys a lot of responsibility and freedom when working, from the very beginning. Everyone - whether team leader or intern -can and should express wishes, ideas, and feedback.

How is your organisation structured?

Flat hierarchies and dynamic teams are part of our DNA. A close exchange between all departments is super important to us. And we love personal initiative!

Formal or informal?

We have a relaxed atmosphere and are on a first-name basis at every level.

Do I work remotely or in the office?

Depending on your tasks and your team, you can either work remotely or in the office.

When can I expect to hear back from you?

Denise or Laureen will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you haven't heard anything after a week, please send us a short reminder. For spontaneous applications, it can take a few days longer for us to get back to you because our internal needs change frequently and our teams grow quickly.

Do you accept spontaneous applications?

Absolutely! As we said before: We love initiative!

Is there a minimum duration for an internship at your company?

We can offer a voluntary internship for three months and a mandatory internship for six months. We prefer a duration of six months. Ideally you are enrolled, if not, we can talk about it.

Does an internship include making coffee and emptying the dishwasher?

Absolutely not. As an intern, you'll be involved from the very beginning and gain valuable insights into a young company.

Would you take me on after an internship?

You wouldn't be the first!

Are your internships remunerated?


Is it possible to do a dual study programme with you?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any opportunities for dual studies with us as a training company. Please check our jobs page in the future - we are constantly evolving!


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